Warranty Details

  • The Syona products warranty details are as follows: Venus Series - 5 years, Jupiter Awe - 2 years, Eris Series - 2 years, and Others - 1year
  • The warranty period shall commence from the day of billing.
  • Warranty shall be valid on the condition that the assembly instructions were followed when the Product is assembled.
  • Warranty shall be valid only if the product is used for its intended purposes, and handled in accordance with the handling instructions.

Warranty does not cover the following

  • If the furniture is repaired by the buyer or a third person without Syona's previous written permission during the warranty period.
  • If the furniture is damaged due to improper storage or transport.
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, exposure to unusual conditions e.g. chemical issue collision with any objects
  • Damage resulting from natural reactions e.g. Oxidation, decomposition.
  • Damage resulting from failure to apply, install or maintain products according to manufacturer instructions and guidelines.
  • Damage caused by accident or a natural disaster such as fire, terrorist attack, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, etc.
  • Damage resulting from improper use and used for purpose others than those originally intended.
  • Misuse, abuse, or accident (including without limitation, use of the product in extreme environmental conditions).
  • Alteration or modification of the product.