Venus Prime Plus | Sturdy Backrest Office Chair with Caster wheels

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  • Material - Special Kind of Engineering Polymer Armrest - Polybutylene Terephthalate(PBTE)
  • Product dimension (L X W X H) - 596 x 612 x 826 (mm)
  • Weight - 5.3 kg
  • Warranty - 5 Years
  • Features - Supports the natural curvature of your spine taking away the strain on the lower back area (prevents slouching and back pain)

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Product description


Syona Prime Plus is sturdy but light, takes up minimal space and provides comfortable seating. It can be moved around and carried from room to room with ease. The backrest and seat is made out of Nylon 6 with 15% Glass Filled to provide high strength, and wear resistance which gives extreme comfort to its occupants. It has special castor wheels which are sturdy, durable and long lasting to ensure comfort and ease. The usage of thermoplastic elastomers is the ability to stretch to moderate elongations and return to its near original shape creating a longer life and better physical range than other materials.

Syona office chairs are the best chairs you need to get the job done. They provide maximum comfort and allow hours of productivity with ease. They are the best office chair that provide maximum comfort with good armrest.

Key Features

Supports the natural curvature of your spine taking away the strain on the lower back area (prevents slouching and back pain)

  • Backrest and Seat

Made from a special kind of engineering Polymer material that contributes to strength and durability and overcomes brittleness and other faulty attributes. Especially designed to ensure optimal blood circulation in the body while you are busy

  • Perforated Holes

Strategically placed perforations to facilitate better ventilation to the occupants in the offices of tropical countries. These holes allow air, body heat, and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures.

  • Armrest

Arm rest is made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBTE) which has high strength and good stability. It correctly aligns with the elbows, allowing for a relaxed arm position. The handle is sturdy and made of die cast aluminum.

  • Castor Wheels

Sturdy, durable and long lasting wheels ensure comfort and ease. They allow the chair to move and roll easily.


  • Avoid using abrasive materials like scrub pads or chemicals for cleaning the surface as they may scratch the surface and avoid keeping furniture under direct sunlight or exposing it to extreme weather conditions.

  • If you discover a superficial smudge or blemish on your office chair, blot the stained area with a damp washcloth, along with a small amount of liquid soap, until it comes clean.

  • To clean the casters, flip your office chair upside down and pull out any lint, hair or debris from inside the wheel housing units. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suction excess debris out of the casters.

  • After thoroughly cleaning the casters on your office chair, apply a small amount of lubricant into each housing unit, to make your office chair roll more smoothly. Clean and lubricate the casters on your office chair at least once every six months.

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